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After the Civil War and the abolishment of slavery, 4 000 000 000 former slaves were free.

But the Southern States disagreed with that idea. In 1866, the Jim Crow Laws legalized racial

segregation in the South: Black and White people were separate in all public facilities such as

parks, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, waiting rooms, drinking fountains, etc....


Black people had to sit in the back of buses and upstairs in cinemas. Black children were not

allowed to attend the same schools as the whites. Signs were put to identify "colored" and

"white" facilities.

Ironically, there was a set phrase that described that system of segregation: "Separate but

equal". Of course, African-Americans were not allowed to vote.


A white extremist group called Ku Klux Klan was born after the end of slavery in the Southern

States. Members would wear white-pointed hoods and would show the christian cross as the

symbol of their supremacy.  kkk

They would organize marches and public lynching of Black people in order to create a climate of terror

among the black population.

 black lynching


The song Strange Fruit sung by billie Holiday in 1939 deals with lynching.

Black people would sing the blues to express their sorrows and hopes for a better future.

Some songs, such as We shall overcome or A change is gonna come (Sam Cooke) became the

symbols of segregation.

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