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  • zaigrettes
  • professeur d'Anglais au collège les Aigrettes de St Gilles-les-Bains (île de la Réunion)
  • professeur d'Anglais au collège les Aigrettes de St Gilles-les-Bains (île de la Réunion)


8 avril 2010 4 08 /04 /avril /2010 19:17

S.O.S Dolphin



TYPE : mammal

DIET : fish and squid

LIFE SPAN : 40-45ans

Dolphin Social Life : Many researchers agree that dolphins extremely social creatures and actually seem to depend on this interaction while hunting, mating and defending themselves and their pods. Typically, dolphins live and travel in groups ranging from 2-40 dolphins. Research has also shown dolphin pods as large as several hundred members.

Endangered dolphins are a huge concern in our actual society. Why is it a problem? Well, first of all, if such specie like the dolphin is endangered, it means that if this situation is not dealt with properly, soon we might see their specie disappear from our oceans.



Why are dolphins endangered?


There are three main reasons why dolphins are endangered and all of them are related to humans.

1. the first reason is because of tuna fishing .Since both tuna and dolphins follow the same routes, dolphins get caught in the fishermen's nets which are meant to catch tuna. In this case, they get fatally hurt or they drown as a result of it.

2.The second reason is fishing for use in human's cuisine. Nowadays, dolphins are protected by laws but nonetheless between 200,000 and 500,000 dolphins were victimized by fishermen during the 1960-1972 years. Also, even if some laws protect dolphins, it allows a certain amount of dolphins to be accidentally caught which still has a negative impact on the dolphins' species.

3.The last but not least is pollution. Since humans are polluting rivers, seas and oceans, it affects dolphins. Also, since the dolphin is at the top of the food chain, the chemicals that pollute its habitat create the highest level of concentration of these pollutants in its body. As a result, diseases, difficulty to reproduce or even death take their toll on these species.




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