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11 septembre 2009 5 11 /09 /septembre /2009 11:32


You mustn’t fight. 


It’s forbidden to talk back to adults.

You mustn’t play with a ball.

You mustn’t smoke.

You mustn’t kiss your boy or girl friend.

You must throw you litter in the bin.


You must wait in front of your classroom when the bell rings.


You must have suitable clothes.

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8 septembre 2009 2 08 /09 /septembre /2009 10:48

If you want to survive in your school, you must respect some rules!



Rules in the class:



-It’s prohibited to eat the chewing-gums in the class.


-It’s forbidden to chat.




          -It’s compulsory to be on time.


-You mustn’t shout in the class.




-You must make up for missing classes as soon as possible.


-It’s compulsory to whisper in the library.


-You don’t have to wear a uniform.


-You must learn your lesson by heart.


-You mustn’t talk back to the teachers ors.


-You must do your homework.


-It’s compulsory to work in silence.


-It’s compulsory to respect the teacher.


-It’s forbidden to use your cell phone.


-You can’t bite your friends.


-It’s prohibited to fight.


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