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18 décembre 2009 5 18 /12 /décembre /2009 09:01


    Here are some funny or spooky
             GHOST  STORIES
       written by the 402 and 407. 

Have a read on the different stories and vote for your favourite!


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17 décembre 2009 4 17 /12 /décembre /2009 13:52
                                  Ghost in the white house                                                                        

Barack Obama was working in his office when he heard strange noises in his desk.He opened a drawer but suddenly he fell into  a trap.He arrived in a sinister room and saw a horrible and scary head with a smile.The head said:"I'm an old President and you are not welcome in the white house !" Barack was terrified and shuddered.The head added:"I'm Kennedy!"
Barack thought:"Better and better....No it's impossible ! I must be dreaming !"

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17 décembre 2009 4 17 /12 /décembre /2009 13:40

     Last month I was walking in the forest. I heard a strange scream. As I w
as hiding behind a tree,I saw the figure of a woman.She was coming closer and closer to me. My heart was beating really hard. While I was looking around,the figure was walking up to me touched me. Her hands were hairy. I screamed and I tried to run but she held me very hard so I couldn't escape.

      When I woke up, I was in a wooden cabin all by myself.It was very dark outside and it was all quiet.
Then, I felt a cold wind crossing the room. And a ghost appeared in front of me:
"What are you doing here ?" ,said a ghost in a deep voice.
"I was kidnapped while I was walking in the forest",I answered.
"I can help you if you want", said the ghost.

       And the ghost helped me to find the road.
Since this day the ghost has stayed by my side and became my gardian angel.

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17 décembre 2009 4 17 /12 /décembre /2009 13:32


           On a cold November night, I was eating with my friends we were having a pizza party at a friend's place, just as usual.

We were speaking our little stories when we heard a dog barking.

We thought that was just the dog of the neighborhood but the barking was endless.

So we stood up and looked out of the window but at the same time somebody knocked on the door. But when we opened the door, there was nobody there.

           A few minutes later the lights went out,  the television began to change channels and all drawers opened.

We were very scared.

          Suddenly the phone rang but no one spoke over the phone, we could just hear someone breathing. At the same moment, the door opened and a large figure appeared to us. We all screamed and the figure disappeared . Then it reappeared and told us in a creepy deep voice:

       "What are you doing here? this is my Home ... you must leave! "

 We were terrified and couldn't move a finger. the ghost was becoming nervous and set the house on fire. The flames were all around us. My friends screamed in terror.


The  fire fighters and the police arrived quickly and did not believe a word we were saying.



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17 décembre 2009 4 17 /12 /décembre /2009 13:24

It was the night.Valentin and me were walking in the park.Suddenly we saw a shadow behind a tree.The shadow was tall,and it was making strange noises.We were terrified.Suddenly, the shadow came closer and closer.We were able to see his face...WHITE....all white.Just his eyes were red! He was walking weirdly. In his hand...something..something quite long.

Valentin and me were trying to hide behind a bench.Too late, he was here. An old homeless was in front of us... We looked up at him and noticed he had a black hole in place of his mouth. We screamed and ran away. 

Our parents did not believe us when we told them the story.
Do you think we were lying? 

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17 décembre 2009 4 17 /12 /décembre /2009 13:21
i was walking in a black forest with my best friend Estelle.horeur
suddenly I heard a loud noise : a little girl was 
screaming .
we were
scared .
but we wanted to find her.
we didn't find her, maybe she was a
ghost . suddenly we saw a white figure.
 then i heard one other

we were running when we fell in a wolf's trap.
we shouted for help .
 then we saw a
horrible figure .
 the ghost was carrying a bloody 
sword with some fresh blood drops. we could even feel her foul breath from hell.

 suddenly we heard  an usual noise: my mother was waking us up: "wake up , it's time to go to
it was time for a new night-mare!!!

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17 décembre 2009 4 17 /12 /décembre /2009 13:21
I was walking in the forest.It was very scared because I heard a voice,a little "boo". I still walked and the voice said again "boo""boo""boo" and I saw a ghost.

It was the ghost of my last girlfriend!The ghost was grey and beautiful. she asked me to sit down and killed me with a sword.
When I came back to life , I was a ghost too! All white with chains around my wrists.

And my mother woke up me. It was only a bad dream!I got up and brushed my teeth in front of the mirror. But there was no reflection at all. I was a real ghost!It wasn't a dream!

The white form that was me was smiling as a sword appeared in my hand....

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17 décembre 2009 4 17 /12 /décembre /2009 13:18

Friday the 13th we were at a pyjama party.One of my friend brought a spell book  while we were telling spooky stories. I didn't believe that but she wanted to try a spell. At midnight we were ready to begin. We stood in  front of the mirror and then everyone said the spell to see Bloody Mary. Suddenly the walls shook, a glass fell on the floor and lights turned off.
All my friends were sceaming and we didn't fell good. We heard a weird noise and she appeared. She wasn't alone. Two ghosts appeared too . Everybody said "vanish!""vanish!" but nothing happened! The three poltergeists were here, standing by with a sword. I was ready to feel the pain, but nothing happened. The lights just turned on.
Behind the door was Emily's mother. She was surprised like us. She  looked at her daughter and said:
-It's time to sleep....... Good night !

After the door was closed, we fell a shiver and tried to sleep. 


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17 décembre 2009 4 17 /12 /décembre /2009 13:15
This is the horrible story of a beautiful young woman. She was preparing before her mirror. She was making up to become the most beautiful woman in the ball.

When the ball day arrived,
kat_00-copie-1.jpg something broke the mirror and turned the pretty white doll into a bloody monster. People never found the girl but there was a spot of blood on the mirror. Since the accident it is said that the bloody woman has haunted from mirrors to mirrors to devour every beautiful girl.kat_00.jpg

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17 décembre 2009 4 17 /12 /décembre /2009 13:15

I was walking in a black forest with my best friend Léa when I heard a

strange noise.kat 00-copie-1
 It was a girl who was yelling.We were scared but we wanted to see her but we
 didn't find her.
Maybe It was a ghost!!!.Suddenly we saw a white figure then I heard another

We were running when we fell in a wolf's trap.We shouted for help but then I saw a
 werewolf !
Léa said I was crazy.

She thought It was a night creature.
Suddenly my alarm clock rang.I had made a nightmare


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