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  • zaigrettes
  • professeur d'Anglais au collège les Aigrettes de St Gilles-les-Bains (île de la Réunion)
  • professeur d'Anglais au collège les Aigrettes de St Gilles-les-Bains (île de la Réunion)


Top articles

  • rules in the class by Karolyi and Tiziana 402

    08 septembre 2009 ( #school is cool if you respect the rules )

    If you want to survive in your school, you must respect some rules! Rules in the class: -It’s prohibited to eat the chewing-gums in the class. -It’s forbidden to chat. -It’s compulsory to be on time. -You mustn’t shout in the class. -You must make up...

  • rules by 402

    11 septembre 2009 ( #school is cool if you respect the rules )

    Rules at college les Aigrettes Rules n°1 You mustn’t smoke. You mustn’t use your cellphone or your i-pod. In class You mustn’t be late. You mustn’t chat. You must bring your copybook and book. You mustn’t chew gum. It’s prohibited to write on the table....

  • european day (Zaigrettes)

    25 septembre 2009 ( #european day of languages )

    Ea ch year all over Europe, people and pupils in particular celebrate the ELD, the European Languages Day on September 26th. Here at the collège les Aigrettes, the two European 4èmes sang a song in English in front of the administration and the teachers'...

  • European day of languages (407)

    02 octobre 2009 ( #european day of languages )

    The European Year of Languages 2001, jointly organised by the Council of Europe and the European Union, was successful in involving millions of people across 45 participating countries. Its activities celebrated linguistic diversity in Europe and promoted...

  • European Day of Languages (407)

    02 octobre 2009 ( #european day of languages )

    European Day of Languages What is the European Day of Languages? There are over 6000 languages spoken in the world. And behind each and every one of them lies a rich and diverse culture. That’s what the European Day of Languages (EDL) aims to celebrate...

  • The European day of languages! (Valentine and Zoé 407)

    02 octobre 2009 ( #european day of languages )

    European day of languages The highlight of the European Year of Languages 2001 was the European Day of Languages, which was celebrated for the first time on 26 September 2001 in all 45 states taking part in the campaign. It was wished, as indicated a...

  • family portrait

    13 novembre 2009 ( #family portrait poems )

    Here is a poem the students learnt by heart in class: My mother was a dolphin My father was a whale My sister was a mermaid with a shiny silver tail My cousins all were oysters My grandma was a pearl My uncle was a starfish But I'm a little girl. Then...

  • poem for Halloween (Chloé 508)

    29 octobre 2009 ( #halloween poems )

    HALLOWEEN H alloween is the 31st october A ll year, children go from doors to doors and say "trick or treat" L ittle children make scary costumes L azy children go to supermarket and buy sweets and eat alone O wls hool while witches fly on the night sky...


    29 octobre 2009 ( #happy Halloween )

    The term Jack of the Lantern first appeared in print in 1750 and referred to a night watchman or a man carrying a lantern. Previous to print, it was used to describe a strange light flickering over the marshes of Ireland. If approached, the light advanced...

  • Halloween around the world

    29 octobre 2009 ( #happy Halloween )

    As one of the world's oldest holidays, Halloween is still celebrated today in several countries around the globe, but it is in North America and Canada that it maintains its highest level of popularity. Every year, 65% of Americans decorate their homes...

  • story of halloween poem (Emilie 508)

    29 octobre 2009 ( #halloween poems )

    Halloween H ello! My name's Jack "Jack o' lantern" A nd when you see me you are terrified L earn this lesson: One day ghost and scarecrow go back to their country! L eon a little boy lived in England O ne night he heard a scream and he saw a big face...

  • jack o' lantern: what is it?

    29 octobre 2009 ( #happy Halloween )

    A jack-o'-lantern (sometimes also spelled Jack O'Lantern) is typically a carved pumpkin. It is associated chiefly with the holiday Halloween, and was named after the phenomenon of strange light flickering over peat bogs, called ignis fatuus or jack-o'-lantern....

  • the festival of lights (by Zaigrettes)

    29 octobre 2009 ( #happy diwali )

    When and where is Diwali celebrated? Diwali is celebrated by Hindus in India and all over the world. The day of Diwali is determined by the position of the moon according to the Hindu calendar. A moonless or a no-moon day is considered as perfect for...

  • SAFARI family (Estelle 407)

    12 novembre 2009 ( #family portrait poems )

    Safari My mother w as a tiger °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° My father was a snake My brother was a monkey °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° with coconuts and cherries °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° My sister wa s a camera °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° My uncle was a zebra °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°...

  • The ghost in my house [camille et victor 402]

    15 décembre 2009 ( #ghost stories )

    Last night, I was in my house when I saw a shadow in the mirror. I went slowly to it and looked at it. I thought it was my mother but it was actually a ghost!! The ghost was watching me with a spooky smile. I ran and the ghost followed me. I hid in my...

  • Doll killer (Vincent et Naomi 402)

    15 décembre 2009 ( #ghost stories )

    A grandmother and her daughter went into a toy store to buy a doll. There was a wonderful series of dolls, they were all smiling except one who was not smiling. The girl chose the doll who didn't smile. Back home, she wanted to sleep with her new doll....

  • spooky story ( Yann et Enzo, 402 )

    15 décembre 2009 ( #ghost stories )

    On one rainy and cold November morning, the vampire ghost flew above the boarding school, entered the corridor and came into the classrooms. He chose some girls to suck their blood, while they were listening to their science teacher. Nobody could ever...

  • Ghost story (AH-SOU Raphael et Labbé Jordan )

    15 décembre 2009 ( #ghost stories )

    ~~ One night, I was sleeping in my bed when I suddenly woke up. I could hear the stairs creaking and had the feeling that someone was there~~ ~~ I went out of my room quietly. when I arrived in the corridor, I saw some strange shadows in the mirror and...

  • BLOODY WOMAN (nedellec $ Zoe 407)

    17 décembre 2009 ( #ghost stories )

    This is the horrible story of a beautiful y oung woman. She was preparing before her mirror . She was making up to become the most beautiful woman in the ball. When the ball day arrived, something broke the mirror and turned th e p retty white doll into...

  • Ghost stories "The nightmare!"Estelle 407

    17 décembre 2009 ( #ghost stories )

    I was walking in a black forest with my best friend Léa when I heard a °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° strange noise. °°°°°°°°°°°°°° It was a girl who was yelling.We were scared but we wanted to see her but...

  • A terrible pyjama party! (Valentine et Estelle 407)

    17 décembre 2009 ( #ghost stories )

    Friday the 13th we were at a pyjama party.One of my friend brought a spell book while we were telling spooky stories. I didn't believe that but she wanted to try a spell. At midnight we were ready to begin. We stood in front of the mirror and then everyone...

  • ghost stories !! (léa 407)

    17 décembre 2009 ( #ghost stories )

    i was walking in a black forest with my best friend Estelle. suddenly I heard a loud noise : a little girl was screaming . we were scared . but we wanted to find her. we didn't find her, maybe she was a ghost . suddenly we saw a white figure. then i heard...

  • An eventful pizza evening (Elvina et Emeline, 407)

    17 décembre 2009 ( #ghost stories )

    On a cold November night, I was eating with my friends we were having a pizza party at a friend's place, just as usual. We were speaking our little stories when we heard a dog barking. We thought that was just the dog of the neighborhood but the barking...

  • sharks (Valentin and Mathieu 407)

    08 avril 2010 ( #endangered species )

    Grey reef shark ) What is their habitat? Sharks are found in all seas and are common down to depths of 2,000 metres. They generally do not live in freshwater, with a few exceptions such as the bull shark and the river shark which can live both in seawater...

  • The red wolf (Charlotte 407)

    08 avril 2010 ( #endangered species )

    Name: Red wolf (canis lupus rufus) Habitat: used to live in North America and is now reintroduced in North California mainly in the forests, the swamps and the coastal prairies. Diet: Carnivore The red wolf is the cousin of the grey wolf. It is a canid....

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